Why Choose BRODIX Castings?

BRODIX is known for the best castings in the business.

The pictures below show the difference between BRODIX rocker stud bosses and a competitor’s rocker stud bosses. The BRODIX stud boss is twice the size of the other company’s and uses a top grade helicoil to secure the rocker stud.
The BRODIX castings have an extra thick deck for use with nitrous and are made in-house of proprietary virgin A-356 aluminum alloy.

BRODIX has a complete repair service – a service that no one else offers!


•Thick Deck Surface for Use With Nitrous
•Made From Virgin A-356 Aluminum
•Deep .375 Seat Registers
•Solid Phosphorous Bronze Valve Guides
•Huge Rocker Stud Bosses
•Helicoiled Rocker Bosses
•Ductile Iron Valve Seats
•Over 30 Years of Complete In-House
Manufacturing Experience
•Special Heat Treating Process Used
•100% CNC Machined for Accuracy