April 2020 Featured Products

BM 2018™ / BM 2028™

• Fits BRODIX BB-2 PLUS, -2 XTRA, -2 X, -3 XTRA, -3 XTRA O, BP BB -3 XTRA O, and BP HH BB Heads
• Large Plenum for 598 cu in and Larger Engines
• 4500 Series Top
• 9.800 Deck Height (BM 2018)
• 10.200 Deck Height (BM 2028)
• Oval Port Manifold, MUST Be Port Matched to Fit Rectangular Port Heads
• 4000 – 8500 rpm Range

BRODIX® Introduces the IK F 195™
You have spoken and we have listened again… the new IK Series™ small block Ford compatible heads offer legendary performance and price!  New features for the IK F 195 include a revolutionary casting, 195 cc intake ports that are specifically designed for optimum versatility, and 68 cc combustion chambers that allow the use of several types of fuels.  Standard features are A-356 virgin aluminum alloy, phosphorous bronze valve guides, valve seats for use with unleaded fuel, and ends milled and drilled for accessories.  CNC ported combustion chambers are available as large as 74 cc.  These are the most affordable high quality aluminum cylinder heads on the market.   
•  Best Balance Between Performance and Price
•  Uses All Standard Components
•  Toughest Castings in the Business
•  Perfect for Cast Iron Replacement
•  100% CNC Machined
•  195 cc Intake Port Flows 270 cfm
•  A-356 Virgin Aluminum, Easily Repaired

BRODIX® Introduces the BP 10 STD CX™
The BRODIX® BP 10 STD CX™ is the newest creation in a long line of successful small block Chevrolet compatible heads.  This new 100% CNC ported offering has a rolled 21° valve angle, as well as redesigned valve spacing of 75/90.  This head also features newly designed intake and exhaust ports that flow an amazing 349 cfm on the intake and 242 cfm on the exhaust!  The new highly efficient 60 cc combustion chambers utilize a 2.125 / 1.600 valve combination.  These heads also come standard with all the finest qualities that BRODIX has to offer.

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  1. Terry David Burnett

    I need a set of the STS T1 245.My question is: are these heads an X head with the 60/40 valve spacing.Can I get them with 2.125-1.600 valve seats instead of the normal 2.150-1.600 ?

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