2024 BRODIX® Sprint Car News

The latest World of Outlaws legal cylinder head from BRODIX® for 2024 is the BD 2300™. The BD 2300 is a true symmetrical port design that solves many of the cooling problems associated with the original small block Chevy port layout. This head will fit on the sprint car engine blocks currently in use with no modifications. The BD 2300 features improved steam evacuation through the intake face, a 13° valve angle, and a highly efficient combustion chamber designed for optimum wet flow. This is the same cylinder head that held the SBC X275 Drag Radial and the Radial vs. the World records! Further innovation and development of this design will be ongoing throughout 2024 and beyond.


Our NEW BRODIX® HD™ 410 Sprint Block is the most innovative sprint car block to hit the market in years! The HD 410 Sprint Block is the result of years of development and valuable feedback from several of the top engine builders. The most innovative feature is the internal oil scavenge passage that eliminates the costly, labor-intensive tubing currently in use. This new block comes standard with a list of features such as:

  • Priority Main Oiling
  • Full CNC Lightening
  • Front Oil Pressure Feed
  • Front Scavenge
  • Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) Process
  • Internal Spring Oiler Port

The NEW HD 410 sprint block made its debut in the Stanton Racing Engines powered sprint car at the Prelude to the Finals. This all-new HD 410 sprint block WON at Cherokee Speedway on 10/31/2023, set Group B fast time at the Charlotte World Finals on 11/2/2023, and had three top-five finishes at the World of Outlaws World Finals, all in the first four races.

Come see these, and all of our other industry-leading products in booth #941 at the 2023 PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis!

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