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An important advantage of a BRODIX® aluminum head is the reliability. However, in the event of component failure resulting in head damage, the prime consideration is “Can I get speedy, economical repairs performed? ” BRODIX offers a complete repair service.
We save 98% of the repairs returned to us. Estimates will be given, if requested, after examination of the heads.

Cost estimates are not given over the phone, e-mail or social media under any circumstances without examination of the heads. Please send a well written note along with your repair, explaining what you would like done. Please do not assume that we will catch everything. For example, cosmetic dings, bumps, and small cracks may not be repaired unless structural damage has occurred. Please, let us know the details. The note should have your complete address, telephone number, and shipping instructions for your completed repair. All repair heads are pressure checked for leaks. If you have any water or cosmetic problems you would like fixed, make a note of this.

All valve jobs are vacuum tested. If your repair requires a complete valve job and reassembly, we will need the cam specs and valve sizes.

In most cases it is suggested that you send in your repair heads unassembled. Although, in some instances it is necessary for BRODIX to have heads returned assembled so that the cause of the damage may be determined. If you have any questions please call.

Heads requiring a valve job take longer to repair. Unassembled heads should be cleaned before sending them to BRODIX. Do not put heads in vat tanks to clean, this will prevent the heads from having a good welding surface. Please clean heads with either a sandblaster or soap and water.

Spec Heads will not have a valve job unless all valve seats are replaced.

All seats and guides will be removed if heads are to be heat treated. New seats and guides will be installed with an additional labor charge. If there is additional seat work to be done, make a note or there will be no seat angles cut after the seats have been replaced.

We do not repair any other brand of aluminum heads. All epoxy will be lost during the welding and heat treating processes. BRODIX cannot heat treat any other brand of aluminum heads other than BRODIX.

It is necessary to recheck combustion chambers and valve to piston clearance because BRODIX resurfaces the heads upon repair. We highly recommend that no one other than BRODIX weld on your cylinder heads because this normally causes problems. For example, welding could ruin the heads by making them soft or leaving pits of contamination.

Unless BRODIX does a valve job on your repair, cylinder heads will be returned unassembled.

BRODIX will replace any worn parts if requested. We can ship you the oversize or replacement parts if you can perform your own repair work. Guides are available in virtually all materials. Seats are available in ductile iron, Ampco 45, and tungsten steel.

When sending a Spec head in for repair please designate your sanctioning body or track affiliation.



In the event a cylinder head needs to be repaired, a repair authorization must be obtained by contacting RACESAVER® at (540)923-4541 BEFORE attempting repairs. After repair, the cylinder heads, completely assembled with all valves, springs, retainers, studs and guide plates, must be sent to RACESAVER® for re-certification and registration. Recertified heads will be stamped with RACESAVER® & FGRS logos. The spirit and intent of RACESAVER® Engine Rules will prevail.

After getting a repair authorization from RACESAVER®, the heads may be sent to BRODIX® for repair with that number. Please send all heads COMPLETE (with all parts). If not, we will assume you want new parts and the price of the parts kit will be added to the repair cost.

Complete rules Web site:

For information on sanctioning requirements, rules clarification, or to order call
RACESAVER® Sprint Series at: (540)923-4541   (540)923-4543   Cell (540)229-1828


ATTENTION: Valve Spring Warning For All Packages

On all complete packages, it is very possible that your valve springs are not correct for your camshaft. All valve springs should be checked for compatibility to your camshaft. Severe wear of valve train components and severe engine damage could result from failure to do this. Check spring requirements before heads are installed on the engine. BRODIX requires you to supply the valve springs for any engine that has a flat tappet camshaft with over .615 valve lift.


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Warranty Disclaimer

No warranties of any nature (expressed, implied, fitness of usage or merchantability) are given on these products. Seller undertakes no responsibility for any product sold. Additional disclaimers are within and are binding upon this contract. Due to the intended usage of products offered, all products are sold on an “as-is” basis, and no warranties of any kind, whether written or oral are made by BRODIX, Inc., its agents or employees. All implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness are expressly excluded, and the buyer bears the entire risk as to quality performance and use of these products. BRODIX, Inc. will assume no responsibility of personal injury, labor or other injury arising out of the usage of high performance racing parts or products. Any defective part will be handled between the original manufacturer and the buyer. BRODIX, Inc. reserves the right to change specifications, prices and discontinue parts without notice. Installation of BRODIX heads may adversely affect the vehicle manufacturer’s warranties, and may violate State and Federal laws when vehicles so equipped are operated other than strictly off-highway. BRODIX reserves the right to discontinue any product at its sole discretion and without any liability with respect to similar products already in the field. Some parts are not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.

While our products are used on many super-charged applications successfully, please be aware that there is a greater potential for engine damage due to the possibility of tuning errors.

All BRODIX heads (excluding IK®, ASCS, and SUPR castings) sold as bare castings will include the valve bowls blended, the intake ports matched, and a competition valve job.