Effective February 2, 2024, the BRODIX® Repair Department is suspending repair operations until further notice. Please check back periodically for updates. Any heads that were received for repair prior to this date will be repaired and returned as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

ATTENTION: Valve Spring Warning For All Packages

On all complete packages, it is very possible that your valve springs are not correct for your camshaft. All valve springs should be checked for compatibility to your camshaft. Severe wear of valve train components and severe engine damage could result from failure to do this. Check spring requirements before heads are installed on the engine. BRODIX requires you to supply the valve springs for any engine that has a flat tappet camshaft with over .615 valve lift.


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Warranty Disclaimer

No warranties of any nature (expressed, implied, fitness of usage or merchantability) are given on these products. Seller undertakes no responsibility for any product sold. Additional disclaimers are within and are binding upon this contract. Due to the intended usage of products offered, all products are sold on an “as-is” basis, and no warranties of any kind, whether written or oral are made by BRODIX, Inc., its agents or employees. All implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness are expressly excluded, and the buyer bears the entire risk as to quality performance and use of these products. BRODIX, Inc. will assume no responsibility of personal injury, labor or other injury arising out of the usage of high performance racing parts or products. Any defective part will be handled between the original manufacturer and the buyer. BRODIX, Inc. reserves the right to change specifications, prices and discontinue parts without notice. Installation of BRODIX heads may adversely affect the vehicle manufacturer’s warranties, and may violate State and Federal laws when vehicles so equipped are operated other than strictly off-highway. BRODIX reserves the right to discontinue any product at its sole discretion and without any liability with respect to similar products already in the field. Some parts are not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.

While our products are used on many super-charged applications successfully, please be aware that there is a greater potential for engine damage due to the possibility of tuning errors.

All BRODIX heads (excluding IK®, ASCS, and SUPR castings) sold as bare castings will include the valve bowls blended, the intake ports matched, and a competition valve job.