Turtles and Super Turtles Manifold Inserts






“Turtles” are cast aluminum manifold inserts designed by Jean Dittmer and manufactured by BRODIX®. These inserts fit in the bottom of an intake manifold to direct the flow of air and fuel mixture to increase horsepower, torque, and driveability.
DT 100
• Fits Bowtie CHEVY Manifold and HV 1011 Manifold
• Medium Performance, Flat Tappet, Mid-rpm Range
DT 101
• Fits Bowtie CHEVY Manifold
• Large Displacement Engines
DT 102
• Fits HV 1203 and HV 1803 Manifolds
DT 103
• Fits BRODIX/High Velocity Manifolds
• Medium Performance Flat Tappet, Mid-rpm Range
DT 104
• Fits BRODIX/High Velocity Manifolds
• Alcohol, Large Displacement Engines
DT 105
• Fits Victor JR. #2967
• Medium Performance, Flat Tappet, Mid-rpm Range
DT 106
• Fits Victor JR. #2967
• Large Displacement Engines
DT 107
(not shown) • Fits Torker II Manifold
DT 108
• Fits Team “G” Manifold
DT 200
• Fits BRODIX Big Block Manifolds





  Super Turtles
DT 300
• Turtle with side wings to fit Victor JR. #2967
• Alcohol Application
DT 301
• Turtle to fit Victor JR. #2967 Tall
• Gasoline Application
DT 302
• Turtle to fit Weiand 7547/Torker II
• Gas or Alcohol Application
DT 400
(shown above) • 1.280 Height
• For Use with Attaching Turtles
DT 401
(shown above) • 1.280 Height
• Two Barrel Side Mount Spacer
• For Use With Attaching Turtles
DT 402
(shown above) • 1.280 Height
• Two Barrel Standard Mount Spacer
• For Use with Attaching Turtles



Installation Instructions-Very Important

Due to manufacturing variations in the manifold and “turtle” insert, verify close fit of insert to manifold floor. Turtle should sit flat on floor of manifold. However, slight trimming of manifold and/or insert may be required. Manifold and insert must be absolutely free of contaminants such as fuel, oil, etc. A good degreaser/cleaner should be used before installation.


If mating parts are not absolutely clean and free of contaminants, insert could become dislodged.
Cast arrow should be installed to front of manifold.

Tuning Tips

Due to improved fuel mixture and fuel atomization, your carburetor may require leaner jets.
After initial testing, spark plug readings should be taken and possible rejetting may be necessary.

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