br 7 exhaust

BR 3™
• 15° Valve Angle
• 2.165 / 1.590 Valve Sizes
• Out-of-the-Box Horsepower
• 71 cc Combustion Chambers
• LS3 Compatible
• Uses Existing LS3 Rockers

bp br3

BP BR 3™
• 100% CNC Ported
• 280 cc Intake Ports
• Flows Over 360 cfm
• 15° Valve Angle
• LS3 Compatible
• Uses All Standard LS3 Components


BRODIX delivers the industry’s most durable replacement for the LS3 style cylinder heads with the introduction of the BR 3 series. The BP BR 3 is a 100% CNC ported head that features a 280 cc intake port that flows over 363 cfm. The BR 3 is the unported version designed for outstanding “out-of-the-box” performance. Both heads utilize a 15° valve angle, a 71 cc combustion chamber, and a 2.165 / 1.590 valve combination, and accept all standard LS3 components. The BR 3 series shares all of the legendary BRODIX features including easily repairable A-356 virgin aluminum alloy and the strongest deck surface in the industry.

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