18 x cylinder head

• Uses Existing 23° Rocker Arms
• Dowel Moved for Maximum Flow
• Standard Exhaust (Dual Exhaust Bolt Pattern)
• 40/60 Valve Spacing
• 68 cc Combustion Chambers
• Raised Intake Ports
• Uses 23° Lifters
• 10° Intake Face Angle
• Spread Port Exhaust


The BRODIX 18X offers the best of both worlds, 18° horsepower without using expensive shaft rockers or offset lifters.
This head offers a dramatic horsepower increase over the previous 23° cylinder head.
Several advantages of the 18X are intake ports that flow over 320 cfm out-of-the-box, an intake valve size of 2.140, raised intake ports, and shallow, CNC ported combustion chambers. The 18X is an excellent choice for the budget-minded racer who wants to go fast.

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4 thoughts on “18 X™ Series/18°”

  1. A customer wants to know more about the 18 degree x head, people are saying they are no good, I told I never seen a bad 18 degree head, I been porting heads for 36 years, alot was nascar related, I told him how much you want to spend and how fast you want to go, but there are nothing wrong with your heads.

    1. Larry,

      The 18° Degree X head was set up for the budget minded racer that wants to use standard lifters and standard rockers to make great power. With it’s 244-254 port volumes and 2.140 intake valves. We aren’t sure why anyone would say the head wasn’t any good. They must have had the wrong setup or haven’t used this head before. With all that being said the out-of-the-box 17° Spread Port X will flow 325 intake @ 0.700 and the cnc ported STS 18 SP X 336 Intake @ 0.700. The numbers speak for themselves.


      1. Was wondering what Brodix cylinder head bare would suit my new engine build and Also a manifold to suit .Looking at a 434 small block chev and wanting around the 750 hp For Street and track use. Any help would be appreciated. Tony.

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