t1 f cylinder head

• Combustion Chambers Available in a Variety of Sizes
• Ends Milled and Drilled for Accessories
• A-356 Virgin Aluminum; Easily Repaired
• Available CNC Ported
• Ductile Iron Valve Seats for Use With Unleaded Fuel (Copper Seats Available)
• 20° Valve Angle
• Machined Valve Cover Rail
• 53/119 Valve Centerline


The BRODIX Track 1 F series was designed for bolt-on horsepower, reliability, and weight loss. This head has become the cylinder head of choice in the Ford market for racers using the Windsor-style engine. It is available in many stages ranging from out-of-the-box bare castings to 100% CNC ported, assembled packages. The BRODIX Track 1 F comes standard with an exhaust port that has been raised .500″. The X exhaust that incorporates the “N” bolt pattern is available as an option, and the combustion chambers may be angle milled. BRODIX has the perfect head for all applications with port sizes ranging from 195 cc to 225 cc.

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