b1 ba cylinder head

• A-356 Virgin Aluminum;Easily Repaired
• Ductile Iron Valve Seats for Use With Unleaded Fuel
• 18° Valve Angle

The small block B1 BA is usable for many applications such as Pro Street, oval track, and drag racing. Standard exhaust headers, intake manifolds, and valve covers may be used. A relocated spark plug, along with improved port and combustion chamber design, provides excellent performance gains over any other Mopar compatible heads. If using an R Block that oils through the pushrods, small block Chevrolet rockers may be used. Special guide plates may have to be fabricated to use the Chevrolet rockers. If using a standard 340 or 360 block, standard adjustable Chrysler rocker arms may be used with special B1 stands. Some stock manifolds may require milling. The B1 BA MC has unmachined pushrod slots, requires a shaft mounted rocker system, and uses an intake manifold that works with W-5 or W-7 cylinder heads. The exhaust face is also left blank so that a W-5, W-7, or stock exhaust pattern can be drilled.
The B1 BS is available in two different versions, out-of-the-box and 100% CNC ported. These versions offer a 90-120 hp gain over their cast iron competitors. The out-of-the-box version has bowls blended, intake ports matched, and a multi-angle valve job. The 100% CNC ported version is completely ported and contoured to assure maximum airflow and velocity. The B1 BS is absolutely the best buy for Mopar racers who would like to replace their cast iron heads and add horsepower. Some special parts such as rockers, head studs, and longer pushrods must be used.
The B1 MO is designed for the serious Chrysler B big block racers and is easily capable of flowing over 400 cfm. The B1 MO requires some special parts such as pistons, rocker system, intake manifold, and valve covers. This head uses standard headers and a B block. A moved centerline (MC) version is also available. All heads in the B1 Series utilize a thick deck that is compatible with nitrous.
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