race-rite bb

• Ductile Iron Valve Seats for Use With Unleaded Fuel
• A-356 Virgin Aluminum; Easily Repaired
• Exhaust Ports in Stock Location (Eliminates Clearance Problems)
• Bulletproof Rocker Stands
• Completely Machined Valve Cover Rails
• Air Conditioner Bracket Holes
• Ends Milled and Drilled for Accessories
• High Torque Intake Ports


Finally, the most user-friendly big block head on the market has been developed. BRODIX is now manufacturing a cylinder head that bolts directly in place of stock cast iron heads allowing reuse of the intake manifold and pistons. The most important improvement is that the exhaust ports are in the stock location eliminating header or manifold interference. The Race-Rite® rectangular or oval port is the answer for more horsepower, a hassle-free installation, and a great-looking engine compartment.

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