race-rite bb

RR BB-3 XTRA 345™
• 24° Valve Angle
• 345 cc Intake Ports
• 2.300 / 1.880 Valve Sizes
• Flows Over 415 cfm
• Out-of-the-Box Horsepower
• 119 cc CNC Ported Combustion Chambers
• Exhaust Ports in Stock Location

race-rite bb

• 100% CNC Ported
• 24° Valve Angle
• Flows Over 390 cfm
• 298 cc Intake Port
• Exhaust Ports in Stock Location


BRODIX is happy to introduce its new line of Race-Rite 24° cylinder heads. These new 24° heads are available in an oval or rectangular port. The BP RR-3 XTRA O is designed to be the ultimate 100% CNC ported street/pro-street head available on the market today. The precision designed 298 cc intake port flows well in the 390 cc range. This new oval port design has an amazing port velocity second to none. Also available in the 24° Race-Rite series is the RR BB-3 XTRA 345. This rectangular port cylinder head flows over 415 cfm as cast with combustion chambers that are CNC ported to assure accuracy. The valve bowls are blended, intake ports are matched, and a competition valve job comes standard. Both of the 24° Race-Rite heads have 2.300/1.800 valves, exhaust ports in standard location, and 119 cc chambers. The Race-Rite series is the answer for more horsepower and less hassle during installation.

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