• Available 100% CNC Ported
• A-356 Virgin Aluminum; Easily Repaired
• Copper Valve Seats
• 15° Valve Angle
• Nitrous-Friendly Combustion Chambers
• Most Economical 5 Inch Head Available
• 2.520 Intake Valves
• 1.860 Exhaust Valves
• Oval Intake Ports
• Special Headers Required
• One-Piece Rocker Bar


The introduction of the PB 5000 series heads blows the 5.0 bore spacing market wide open. These all new masterpieces are by far the most user-friendly heads in their class. These heads offer several features that include: 15º valve angle, raised oval-shaped intake ports, and specially designed combustion chambers that are nitrous-friendly. The standard features are copper valve seats, phosphorous bronze valve guides, and A-356 virgin aluminum alloy.

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