pb 2005

• Ends Milled and Drilled for Accessories
• A-356 Virgin Aluminum; Easily Repaired
• Designed by Sonny Leonard
• 14.5 Valve Angle

pb 2005

BP PB 2002™
• 14.5° Valve Angle
• 545 cc Intake Ports
• 2.520 / 1.860 Valve Sizes
• Flows Over 580 cfm
• 100% CNC Ported
• Nitrous Friendly
• Conical Chambers

pb 2005

PB 2005
• 55° Valve Angle
• Oval Intake Ports
• Shaft Rockers Required
• Flows Over 535 cfm Out of the Box


The BRODIX PB 2005 cylinder head was designed by legendary engine builder Sonny Leonard. If you are looking for raw horsepower in a cylinder head, here is your answer. The PB 2005 is simply the best of the best. This head is offered in two versions, out-of-the-box and completely CNC ported. The PB 2005 out of-the-box flows an unbelievable 535 cfm. The BP PB 2002 flows 587 cfm fully CNC ported with conical chambers. This chamber design is nitrous friendly. Valve sizes include 2.520 intake valves and 1.860 exhaust valves, both with a 55º seat angle. All of this horsepower would go to waste without the strong castings BRODIX provides. As usual, the PB 2005 and BP PB 2002 offer the standard qualities of solid phosphorous guides, gorilla valve seats, extra thick deck, and the best aluminum in the business (A-356 Virgin Aluminum).

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