• 416 cc oval Intake Ports
• New 16° Valve Angle
• Flows 515 cfm
• 100% CNC Ported
• Nitrous Friendly
• 1.860 Exhaust Valves
• Copper Valve Seats
• 2.450 Intake Valves
• 93 cc Chambers


The Sweet 16 lives up to its name. This head is by far the most versatile in its class. The Sweet 16 satisfies the requirements of both nitrous and naturally aspirated engines. This 100% CNC ported masterpiece utilizes a 16° valve angle, as well as 416 cc raised, oval-shaped intake ports that flow in excess of 515 cfm. This head utilizes all standard BRODIX features that have become famous including the strongest deck surface in the business for use in nitrous applications.

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