head-hunter big block

• A-356 Virgin Aluminum; Easily Repaired
• 100% CNC Ported
• 24° Valve Angle
• Redesigned Exhaust Ports
• Best Flowing Conventional Head Available


The BRODIX Head Hunter series represents the cutting edge of conventional big block technology. These heads are 100% CNC ported and utilize features such as raised, oval-shaped intake ports that flow an amazing 489 cfm and up and newly designed exhaust ports that flow 335 cfm with only a 1.850 exhaust valve. The new HH X offers a redesigned rocker system for increased stability. Standard features include an extra thick deck, high valve cover rail, and the best castings in the business.

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2 thoughts on “Head Hunter™ Series/24°”

  1. I have been doing research on your heads and using them for many yrs.. I have a 540 cid BBC that is built for my twin 98mm precision turbos. I have a solid roller cam in it that is a custom ground .930 lift. I need to come up with a head for my setup so I can purchase my Pistons. I have a street driven 1988 Monte Carlo SS pumping 2500hp it’s going in and I don’t wanna loose power. I do drag week and run around at the drag strips I run EFI e85 fuel. Here is a idea of what I’m doing and have.

    1. Jason,

      If you want to try to hit your goal with a conventional head I would look into the BP BB-3 XTRA 380 fully cnc-ported 24° cylinder head. You may want to also look into fitting them with titanium intakes and Inconel exhaust.


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