BP DN-9™
• 9° Valve Angle
• 540 cc Intake Ports
• 2.520 / 1.800 Valve Sizes
• Flows 588 cfm
• 100% CNC Ported
• 66 cc Combustion Chambers With Titanium Valves
• 70 cc Combustion Chambers With Steel Valves


The all new DN-9 represents the latest in cylinder head technology. The all new, shallow 9 degree valve angle makes this head the leader in its class. This head features raised 540 cc intake ports that flow over 588 cfm, and exhaust ports that flow over 354 cfm! This head utilizes a newly designed, efficient combustion chamber that measures 66 cc. The DN-9 also features the most rigid rocker system on the market. This head comes standard with a 2.520 / 1.810 valve combination as well as copper intake/exhaust valve seats. These heads are machined to accept 1.740 valve spring cups and can be used in conjunction with the BRODIX PM series of manifolds.

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    Are the PB 9000 heads also good for a 565 engine or too big. 4500-8000 RPM
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