br x

• 20° Valve Angle
• 444 cc Intake Ports
• 2.400 / 1.800 Valve Sizes
• Flows 495 cfm
• Out-of-the-Box Horsepower
• 100 cc Combustion Chambers


The revolutionary new BR X from BRODIX is by far the most powerful “as cast” conventional head on the market with a raised .300”, 444 cc intake port that flows 495 cfm! The exhaust port flows 305 cfm through only a 1.800 valve. This head features an efficient 100 cc chamber, as well as a valve angle rolled to 20 degrees. This new head is completely compatible with all existing 20° BRODIX components. As always, these heads come standard with all the fine qualities that you have come to expect from BRODIX.

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