BB-3 Xtra

• Raised Valve Cover Rail
• 24° Valve Angle
• Newly Designed Intake and Exhaust Ports
• +40 hp Over Standard Heads
• Available CNC Ported
• A-356 Virgin Aluminum; Easily Repaired

BB-3 xtra Billet

BB-3 XTRA 380-B™
• Newly Designed All-Billet Heads
• The Ultimate in Performance and Durability for Turbo / Blower Applications
• 380 cc Rectangular Intake Port Flows Over 440 cfm
• 119 cc Combustion Chambers
• 2.350 / 1.880 Valve Sizes
• 100% CNC Ported
• Uses T&D Shaft System


The BRODIX BB-3 XTRA has taken the conventional big block to the next level.  These cylinder heads feature a valve angle that is rolled two degrees.  The -3 XTRA is available in a rectangular-shaped or oval-shaped intake port configuration, and two of them are offered completely CNC ported.  The out-of-the-box version is available in three port volumes, 327 cc, 345 cc or 363 cc, with CNC ported 119 cc combustion chambers, CNC bowls blended and ports matched, and flow over 436 cfm.  The BB-3 XTRA CNC ported version is available in two port volumes, 366 cc and 380 cc.  The 380 cc version flows over 440 cfm.  The BB-3 XTRA CNC ported oval ports are available in three port volumes:  332 cc, 351 cc, and 365 cc.  This wide range of port volumes allows the oval port to compliment virtually any engine combination available.  Port shape, port velocity, and the latest technology have propelled these cylinder heads to the top of their class.

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