BB-2 X

• Ductile Iron Valve Seats for Use With Unleaded Fuel
• 119 cc Combustion Chambers
• Ends Milled and Drilled for Accessories
• Raised Valve Cover Rail
• A-356 Virgin Aluminum; Easily Repaired
• Reinforced Thick Deck
• Available 100% CNC Ported
• .600 Raised Exhaust Port


The BB-1 rectangular port head has a 280 cc intake port and a 119 cc combustion chamber, but may be angle milled to 108 cc or angle machined to 98 cc. The BB-1 is designed for a 396 to 502 engine with a flat tappet or hydraulic cam. Most marine applications use this head for torque and throttle response. The BB-1 also comes completely CNC ported. The 305 cc intake port flows over 370 cfm and has maximum port velocity.The BB-2 and BB-2 Plus heads work well with a heavy car and smaller engine (427-509 cu in). The BB-2 has a 305 cc intake port and flows 320 cfm; the BB-2 Plus has a 312 cc intake port and flows over 340 cfm with only the bowls blended and the intake ports matched. Both heads may be purchased angle milled to 110 cc. The combustion chambers are 119 cc and are properly shaped for use with either methanol or gasoline, preventing detonation. While creating the BB-2 Plus CNC, the professionals at BRODIX invested many long hours on the flow bench and at the track developing a completely ported cylinder head. The BRODIX porting design was incorporated into a 100% CNC ported masterpiece that can be mass produced. The CNC ported BB-2 Plus castings are CNC ported to a mirror finish and flow within 1% of each other. The bottom line is that our customers can now buy the most accurate, best flowing out-of-the-box cylinder heads available at the best price. All of these cylinder heads accept standard pistons, intake manifolds, and rocker arms. The exhaust ports are raised .600 higher than stock, and the valve cover rails are now raised to assure no oil leakage.

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