Cylinder Heads


From innovative design to precision manufacturing… BRODIX is serious about quality and workmanship at every step of the process. We manufacture and sell more aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads than anyone else in the business.
No matter how large or small your racing operation is, we are glad to be a part of it.

LS Compatible Heads

Big Block Chevrolet Compatible Heads

BRODIX is the undisputed leader in big block Chevrolet compatible technology.  Conventional style cylinder heads are available in 26º, 24º, and 20º valve angles, and spread port heads are available in 18º, 16º, 14.5º, 12º, and 9° versions.

Small Block Chevrolet Compatible Heads

BRODIX leads the industry in small block Chevrolet compatible cylinder heads.  Styles ranging from standard to raised port locations are offered with numerous valve angle choices from 23º to 10º depending on your application.

Small Block Ford Compatible, Mopar Compatible, & Spec Heads

Spec. heads are a popular part of the BRODIX arsenal.  We offer spec. heads for Chevy, Dodge, and Ford depending on your application.

V6 Chevrolet Compatible Heads

90º V-6 heads BRODIX has to offer include 194 cc, 210 cc, and a 221 cc intake port sizes.  The V-6 heads have a 23º valve angle and standard location intake ports.  These heads are available in straight or angled spark plug versions.

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