Q. When will you start producing heads, blocks, & manifolds again?
A:  We never stopped producing our products. We have been very fortunate to have more orders than ever, which is great news for us.  We have done everything in our power to keep up with the increased demand for our products.  However, this has created slower than normal turnaround time for some orders. 
The best way to get your hands on our products is to place an order!  This will get you in line to receive our products.


Q.  Why should I purchase BRODIX products through an authorized BRODIX dealer instead of buying direct from BRODIX?
A.  BRODIX started selling to small engine builders and racers at the local level.  As we started to grow our dealer network was born through these channels.  By maintaining this philosophy, our dealer network has grown to almost 500 warehouse distributors worldwide. Click here to go to our dealer search page.   By supporting this network, we feel you will have a more even playing field when it comes to pricing, product support, and customer service at a local level.


Q.   How can I identify the model of the BRODIX head that I have?
A.  BRODIX started numbering small block heads in April of 1979; an alpha-numeric system was started with A 1 in August of 1979.  Big block heads started with numbers only in April of 1984, but changed to alpha-numeric starting with BB 1 in August of 1984.   The stamping is usually located on the end of the casting above the accessory bolt area just below the valve cover rail.  We have stamped some heads on the exhaust side of the head as well.  The numbering system only identifies the casting model and the year the head was made.

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Q.  When I call BRODIX with my head numbers for identification, what kind of information can I expect to receive about my BRODIX head?
A.  We will only be able to give you the casting model and the year the head was made.  Due to the nature of the performance industry, the need to modify parts to fit a particular application, and the long life expectancy of BRODIX heads, there are too many variables to consider when giving information on heads that have been modified after leaving our facility.

Q.  Do you repair other manufacturers’ heads?
A.  No, we only repair BRODIX heads. Click here for information on our repair service.

Q.  How can I tell if my BRODIX heads have been ported?
A.  BRODIX heads have a sand cast finish inside and out.  If the majority of your intake ports, exhaust ports, and combustion chambers still have the rough texture, they have not been ported.  If the heads have been CNC ported, there may be some cutting lines visible on the sharp radius turns in the ports. If the heads have been hand ported, the surface will be very smooth and profiled in all areas including the combustion chambers.



Q.  What size are my combustion chambers?
A.  The only thing we can recommend is to have the cc of your heads measured. After the heads leave our facility, it is impossible to determine what size they are.  Engine builders mill and cut the heads to fit specific applications and the original cc measurements are changed.


Q.  What type of spark plugs should I use in my BRODIX heads?
A.  The spark plug design required in all BRODIX heads is the same.  You need a 14 mm x 1.25 thread pitch with .750 thread reach and a gasket seat.  We list starting heat range information click here to view the instruction sheets for each head based on the fuel type we feel is the most likely to be used.  We do not take into consideration nitrous use or boosted applications.  You should determine your exact heat range needs based on tuning and “reading” the spark plugs upon initial engine use.


Q.  How much have the exhaust ports been raised on my BRODIX heads.
A.  On our small block heads the exhaust ports have been raised approximately .500 in., and on the big block heads the exhaust ports have been raised approximately .600 in. The only heads that have a stock exhaust height are the Race-Rite® Big Block Series.


Q.  When your heads are angle milled do you correct any other surface?
A.  Yes.  We re-correct the intake face angle back to stock so you will be able to use a standard intake manifold.  We also re-spot face the head bolt holes to a parallel angle with the deck surface.


Q. How can I determine what valve springs my BRODIX heads have on them?
A. On a new set of BRODIX cylinder heads there should be a red tag tied to one of the valve springs on each head.  The information on the tag will inform you of the seat pressure, open pressure, maximum valve lift recommended, type of cam to which the springs are matched (e.g. hydraulic roller, solid, street roller, roller, hydraulic), and the installed height of the head.


Q. How do I determine if I have a 40/60 centerline BRODIX head?
A. You can determine the centerline of your BRODIX head by measuring the distance between the two center exhaust valves.  If you nave a standard centerline the measurement should be 2.354 in., and the 40/60 measurement should be 2.234 in.


Q. Do I need offset rockers on a BRODIX cylinder head that has a 40/60 valve centerline?
A. When BRODIX moves the valves in a 40/60 centerline head, we move the rocker stud location the same amount.  Usually you can use a standard stud mount rocker arm and a 40/60 stud girdle.  If your head has had extensive porting done there is a good chance you will need offset rockers, and this should be determined by the engine builder upon installation.


Q. If I have a -10 head with a 40/60 centerline and I upgrade to an -11 X head with a 40/60 centerline, will I have to buy new rocker arms, pistons, or intake manifold?
A. The -10 and -11 X BRODIX heads should use the same components if both heads have a 40/60 centerline.  You will need to verify the amount of modifications that have been done to both castings in order to ensure the proper fit of components you will be transferring.


Q. Should I change the valve lash setting when I use a BRODIX head?
A. Yes.  If you are setting the valve lash on a BRODIX aluminum head when the engine is cold you will need to set it .004 tighter than what the cam card dictates.  If you are trying to set the valve lash on a hot engine you will need to follow the cam card exactly.


Q. Does BRODIX offer CNC porting on intake manifolds?
A. We have a CNC port match program on several of our intake manifolds, but we do not offer a fully CNC ported manifold at this time.


Q.  Do you recommend steam holes on BRODIX heads?
A.  No, the BRODIX water jacket is more efficient than previous heads.  Just make sure all holes are properly lined up and drilled in head gaskets to efficiently pass water. Click here for optional water circulation holes for small blocks.


Q. What is the bolt torque sequence for small block and big block cylinder heads?
A. All head bolts are torqued at 70 ft-lb with a drop of 30W motor oil under the head of the bolts.

Q. Can I send my “as cast” BRODIX head back to be CNC Ported?
A. No this procedure requires a special casting used for CNC porting.
Q.  What is your return policy?
A. No merchandise will be accepted for return without prior authorization.  Special orders are not returnable.  A 15% restocking charge will be applied to all returns other than apparel.  No returns are accepted more than 30 days after invoice date.  Apparel purchases may be returned within 30 days for a full refund minus original shipping charges.  All returns/exchanges of apparel must contain all the original packaging.  Clothing items that have been altered or worn may not be returned unless they are defective. 
Q.  Is there a warranty on your heads?
A.  No warranties of any nature (expressed, implied, fitness of usage or merchantability) are given on these products. Seller undertakes no responsibility for any product sold. Additional disclaimers are within and are binding upon this contract. Due to the intended usage of products offered, all products are sold on an “as-is” basis, and no warranties of any kind, whether written or oral are made by BRODIX, Inc., its agents or employees. All implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness are expressly excluded, and the buyer bears the entire risk as to quality performance and use of these products. BRODIX, Inc. will assume no responsibility of personal injury, labor or other injury arising out of the usage of high performance racing parts or products. Any defective part will be handled between the original manufacturer and the buyer. BRODIX, Inc. reserves the right to change specifications, prices and discontinue parts without notice. Installation of BRODIX heads may adversely affect the vehicle manufacturer’s warranties, and may violate State and Federal laws when vehicles so equipped are operated other than strictly off-highway. BRODIX reserves the right to discontinue any product at its sole discretion and without any liability with respect to similar products already in the field. Some parts are not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.

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