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To maintain the highest standards of excellence for our products while being sensitive to the needs of our customers, our employees, and the environment.


It remains the foremost goal of BRODIX Inc. to develop the highest quality, most innovative and dependable products for our customers. By working together to continuously learn, develop, and improve, we can ensure future success to make BRODIX Inc. and our customers stand above the competition.

BRODIX originated from a jobbing foundry, which produced all types of high quality aluminum castings.

Very high strength alloys were the specialty of Francis Dix, the “Dix” in BRODIX. His family had a long history in the foundry industry. Along came J.V. Brotherton the “Bro” in BRODIX and married Paula, the daughter of Francis and Dorothy Dix. J.V.’s hobby was racing automobiles.

J.V. had a fascination with cylinder heads that ultimately led to the production of an aluminum Hemi head in 1971. Mopar reintroduced their aluminum Hemi head in 1972 and gave them to their racers. Needless to say, this was not a good thing for aftermarket Hemi sales. Regrouping, a small block Chevy head was made in 1973 and the rest has been history. The ability to make close tolerance, high strength castings has been the benchmark of BRODIX.

In 1996 BRODIX developed an aluminum small block Chevy engine block. Soon after, it became the standard by which all other blocks would be measured. Due to the overwhelming success of the small block aluminum block, BRODIX then developed a big block Chevy version in late 2003. In just a short period of time, this new block has achieved amazing results.

BRODIX started with a very basic 23° small block head. Subsequent development led to numerous versions and designs. In 1987, BRODIX developed the -12 15° valve angle head that eventually proved to be a versatile head for sprint cars and several other applications. Even today there are BRODIX customers who still use this cylinder head with good success.

Over the years there have been other valve angles, valve centerlines, and several different port designs and shapes. Today the BRODIX line up ranges from the revolutionary IK 200 heads to all out raised port small block heads. There is an equal spaced exhaust port version, the “BD” Series, which is a total redesign of the small block Chevy.

BRODIX has produced thousands of big block Chevy heads for several years. The big block lineup goes from the RR BB-O all the way to the DN-9 series of Pro Stock style heads.

Along the way BRODIX has produced several types, port sizes, valve centerline and port arrangements for Ford engines. Mopar heads are also available in several versions for both the A and the B block.

For many years, BRODIX has produced “spec” heads, which are manufactured to an exact specification for different racing associations.

The idea of a spec head is to control costs and development of heads for certain classes of racing. BRODIX produces heads and manifolds that can be checked by the racing associations for all dimension and design parameters. Engine costs and reliability are, to a large extent, controlled by the design of the cylinder head. Cylinder heads are considered to be one of the factors that can control the cost of racing.

Paula and J.V. started the business officially known as “BRODIX” in 1979. Along the way they had two sons, Jeff and Greg, and a daughter, Jennifer. Today Jeff, Greg, and Jennifer have evolved into the driving forces.

BRODIX has enjoyed many successes over the years in every form of auto racing. Many, many records, championships, and titles have been won with BRODIX products. With the blend of old and new ideas, the future looks bright. Continuous research and development is a way of life at BRODIX.



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      Yes we proudly manufacture them in Mena, Arkansas. They are cast at our foundry and machined in our machine shop.


  1. I bought a 32 hot rod with 350 Chevy, seller said it has Brodie heads, I could not find a date code on the front of the heads. How can I determine if they are Brodix?
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