90 v6 head

• Ends Milled and Drilled for Accessories
• A-356 Virgin Aluminum; Easily Repaired
• Ductile Iron Valve Seats for Use With Unleaded Fuel
• 67 cc Combustion Chambers
• CNC Ported Combustion Chambers Available
• 194 and 210 cc Intake Ports
• Machined Valve Cover Rail
• Standard Height Intake Ports
• Out-of-the-Box Horsepower


The 90° V6 head is another fine product offered by Brodix. The V6 cylinder head is available in two different intake ports.

The V6 -8 is for a low rpm, Pro Street style engine. The V6 -10 is for a larger cubic inch engine, higher rpm range, and racing environment.

The Brodix V6 heads are made of virgin A-356 aluminum material and have ductile iron seats and solid phosphorous bronze guides. Helicoils are installed in the rocker stud bosses to assure stability.
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